Walt Grayson and Mr. Mac Haynes

Crew No. 8434 hit the headlines, so upon Walt Grayson visiting the WWII Museum in Laurel, MS, he interviewed Mr. Mac Haynes. 

Sunsets, Scenery, Nature, Natchez

The one thing you will see with me while walking around Natchez, MS, is my EOS R Canon Camera. Let's shoot together!

The Mississippi Association of Community Action Agencies’ Annual Conference

The Mississippi Association of Community Action Agencies held their Annual Conference in Natchez, Mississippi, April 2024. 

The Natchez Festival of Music Presents, "Your Cheatin' Heart."


Natchez Balloon Festival, 2023

Many thanks to my sweet friend, Lici Beveridge, for capturing this moment. Thankful for her, always, yes I am!